Wildlife Wednesdays - Who's Watching Who?

I was at the chicken coop last night holding the door open for the girls and noticed some rustling in the bushes nearby. I turned around and saw a beautiful white-tailed deer standing no more than 25 feet from me. In my neck of the woods, deer are common and often a nuisance. So seeing a deer was really no big deal. What was unusual is that I was making a ton of noise and the deer was not frightened. I was talking with the chickens; they were talking with me. The dog was running around. I had gathered the cats and put them away for the night. There was a lot of commotion and this deer was unfazed.

So, I said" hi" to the deer and went about my duties. I climbed in the coop and changed out the water which entails emptying the old water, walking down the hill and then back up with the fresh water. The deer just kept standing there and watching me. I shut the coop door to the run and then shut the run door. The deer just kept standing there and watching me. I went into the coop again and said "good night" to the chickens and shut the inner safety door. And the deer just kept standing there watching me.

Finally, I was done for the night. The deer was still there. I had to wonder who was watching who? So, I said "good night" to the deer and walked inside. I hope the deer enjoyed the experience as much as I did!
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