Wildlife Wednesdays: Hummingbirds are Coming!

Every Spring, I love to follow the progress of our migrating Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds (Archilochus colubris) as they make their way back to my neck of the woods. This is the most common species of hummingbird in eastern North America. They are very curious and are easily attracted to feeders. Once there, the males are territorial and will even "fight off" butterflies and bees.

Our local gardening expert pointed out a wonderful website that tracks this migration through a network of people who report their first sightings. You may want to check out the website below, it's definitely worthwhile.


As for me, the hummingbirds are about a week or two away. So, I visited my local gardening store yesterday and bought some spring blooming flowers. I planted them by my stoop door, which is always a favorite place for our hummingbirds. Hopefully this will give our migrants some food as they work their way north.
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