Wildlife Wednesdays - Signs of Spring

Spring flowers just beginning to bloom.
A few days later and the wildflowers are open.

One of my favorite parts of keeping chickens is the opportunity to go outside at least twice a day to take care of them. I'm a nature-lover since childhood, so I take some time each trip outside to enjoy the natural beauty around me. In the mornings, nature is just waking up and I'm usually greeted by birds at our feeder stations. In the afternoons, I sometimes watch a red tail hawk soar overhead. And in the evenings, I always keep an ear cocked for the cheerful hoot of an owl.

So, I thought I'd share my glimpses of nature with you through stories and pictures in a weekly post called "Wildlife Wednesdays. That's why I included the picture above. These wildflowers are located just to the side of the chicken yard and I've been watching them as they began to peek through the leaves.

I hope you enjoy this segment as much as I enjoy bringing it to you!
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