Mosaic Egg Ornaments

No matter how many times I do it, I'm always amazed to look at the true beauty of the eggs I collect each day from the coop. They're not homogeneous like the eggs in the store. They've each got different colors and even textures. So, when visiting our local conservatory, I was amazed by the sheer beauty of their Christmas tree decorated with all natural handcrafted ornaments; a few of which were mosaic eggs. What a clever idea to show off the true beauty of natural eggs! And, it got me to thinking, why not improve on this idea by incorporating the different color eggs I'm lucky enough to have in my refrigerator.

So, I had my husband blow out six eggs; two white, two brown and two green. (He had to blow out the eggs for me, because for some reason, I always find that process gross!) I rinsed all the eggs and let them dry. I took one of each color and cracked them into medium-size pieces. (I found taking the inner membrane out first really helped keep the mess to a minimum.) Then I used craft glue and interchanged the colors as I glued them onto the host egg.

After I got the mosaic pieces in place, I let the egg dry completely, Then I took some red and natural-colored raffia and carefully threaded it through the holes at the top and bottom. I found it easiest to bend a wire coat hanger hook flat and tape the pieces to the end. Once the coat hanger with the taped pieces came through the other side, I took off the tape and removed the hanger. I then tied each a knot on each end, leaving one with streamers for the bottom and one with a loop for hanging.

Pretty soon we'll head out and cut our Christmas tree and I can't wait to put my new mosaic egg ornaments on the tree!
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