Thanksgiving Thanks For My Flock

At Backyard Poultry Magazine, I was asked to write about what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. So, below are the thoughts I shared. I hope you like them and wish you a wonderful holiday!

I am thankful for my gift of a Canon Digital SLR last Christmas. It's so much fun and I've enjoyed taking pictures with it over the last year. In fact, the beautiful Royal Palm Turkey below was photographed during a fall farm tour. 

I am thankful, amazingly, for Hank the rooster. (Pictured below.) He came to our flock unexpectedly and has turned into a great addition. He roosts at night right next to Red and Big Muff and he falls asleep with his wings covering them. Too cute! He is a vigilant protector of his ladies and is always keeping a curious eye out. He even lets the hens go first when it comes to getting the best spot in the dust bath. Who could ask for more!

Finally, I am thankful for my husband and kids. My husband is my chicken coop carpenter and I'm thankful for his willingness to try. Building on a hillside is daunting! And my kids; they give me so much pleasure as I watch them interacting with our flock. They bring a youthful joy and perspective to everything!

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