How to Care for a Shamrock Plant

I love St. Patrick's Day in our house. It's a jovial holiday and always a sign that spring is coming. A few years ago I purchased some shamrock plants for the holiday and have found them to be wonderful easy-to-care-for house plants. In my post for Countryside Daily I explore the legends and lore of St. Patrick's Day and the shamrock plant plus how to make your shamrock plant happy and healthy.

Did you know?

  • St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.
  • St. Patrick used the shamrock as a symbol to explain his faith - the Holy Trinity of three Gods in one. 
  • The shamrock is a registered trademark of the Government of Ireland.
  • The shamrock is in the Coat of Arms for the United Kingdom along with the thistle and the rose. 

This beautiful house plant stays compact and, in my house, blooms year-round. My two shamrock plants live happily through the cold parts of the year in an east facing window that gets morning sunlight. In the summer I move them outside to a bright, but partially shaded, deck. 

A Few Quick Tips
  • Shamrocks naturally close their leaves at night and then reopen them in the morning. 
  • Water your shamrock plant only when it gets dry.
  • Shamrock plants are a bulb. Many people let them die back and give them a rest before regrowing again. 
  • You can water shamrock plants at the base of their stems and in a saucer under their pot. That keeps the tender leaves and flowers from being hurt. 

Be sure to click through for more information on the shamrock plant. A compact and beautiful harbinger of spring. 

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