Meet the Flock - Our Barred Rocks

We've got three Barred Rocks which are easily our favorite chickens. And, that's hard to say since we really like everyone in the flock! They are the friendliest, most curious and easily handled birds. There are subtle differences between our three, but for our ease, we named them all "Bartie." Our Barred Rocks are always jumping up to see what may or may not be in our hands. Over the winter, they love to peck the snow off our boots when we visit the coop. They are always on hand to eat the bugs that appear when we turn over rocks or dig in the garden. If I'm in the yard and find a spider, I can always count on a "Bartie" to be carried over and eliminate the pest. And, they love to be tucked under our arms and happily be carried around the yard.

Always curious, our Barred Rocks are checking out the camera.

A "Bartie" posing for her picture.
Barred Rocks were developed in New England in the early 1800s. And, I can't say enough about this breed. They are cold hardy and aren't bothered by the heat either. They are the quiet workhorse of a flock, laying brown eggs through most of the week. These are dual purpose birds so they can be used for eggs or meat. But ours are so dear, we could never eat them.

This is a breed I wouldn't hesitate to have in my flock and will get more of in years to come.
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