OMG! It's a Roo!

You'd have to say it all started at the beginning of April when we picked out our chicks at the local tractor supply store. I was picking out two buff orpingtons. One was already in the box. I picked up the next and its wing was covered in poo. So I put that one back and grabbed a nice big healthy chick. I even remarked to the salesperson, "Wow! That one's really big!"
A couple weeks later I got suspicious. Kate, as the chick was called, developed her comb and wattle fast. They were much larger than everyone else's and they were red. Plus, she was our biggest chick.

I began to wonder if I was a statistical "victim" of a chick sexing mistake.

Then, on Saturday, my husband and I were in the garage putting the chicks out for the day. We both froze in place as we heard a faint but distinct "cock-a-doodle doo." We waited. And we heard it again. My suspicions had been confirmed. We have a buff orpington rooster!

I looked up information about roosters, and sure enough, our rooster is right on track, beginning to crow at exactly six weeks old.

I'm still in a bit of shock because I never intended to have a rooster. I'm worried that when he matures our rooster will be mean. I'm hoping that since this is currently one of our friendliest and calmest chickens, he'll stay that way.

In the meantime, we're all preoccupied with naming our rooster. The list is growing with Hershey, Doodle and Roo in the top three spots.

I know my flock is now going to change; I only hope it will be for the best.
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