Raising Baby Chicks

No matter how you get them — buying day-old chicks or letting a broody hen raise a clutch — starting your baby chickens off right is the key to a healthy and productive flock.

Learn more to make sure your new flock members have a healthy beginning.

How to Raise Chicks with a
Broody Hen

How to Build a Grow-Out Coop
 for Baby Chicks

Raising Chicks in the Fall

Do I Have a Hen or Rooster?

How Old Is That Chicken?


  1. I would like to add to my chicken family. The 3 I have now are 5 weeks old. Can I add 1 or 2 baby chicks at this time to the brooder? Can I add babies or chicks around the same age? Or wait? Any advice is appreciated.

    1. Five weeks old is a little old for adding day-old chicks. I would raise the day-old chicks separately and then gradually introduce them as they get a bit older. If you can add chicks that are more close in age, that would be ideal, but I would still keep an eye on them because the pecking order is formed pretty early. Also, it's best to add more than one chick at a time. I would advise adding three. That way the numbers are more even. Hope this helps! Good luck with your new flock!


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