How to Keep Chickens Cool in Summer

Keeping your chickens cool in summer is a must do. There's nothing we can do to stop the heat, but we can help our chickens beat the heat.

With the mercury rising, it's important to remember that high temperatures can be harder on a flock than the cold temperatures of winter. The effects of heat are cumulative and can be enhanced by high humidity, so be sure to keep vigilant during heat spells. A temperature of 80 degrees with high humidity can bring on heat-related problems.

Growing and Making Fresh Herbal Tea

As summer heats up, the herb garden is in full swing and many of the herbs have grown so big that it’s time for them to have some trimming done to encourage fullness and regrowth. What do you do with all those trimmings? Make a fresh herbal tea, of course! If you’ve never had fresh herb tea, it’s definitely something you should try. It’s easy and delicious!
Lemon Balm is a member of the mint family and grows rapidly.
I usually cut mine back once or twice a season to keep it under control.

Four Pre-Made Chicken Coop Options

If you’ve got a backyard flock, or are just starting one, a chicken coop is probably top of mind. We’ve had a flock for years and we had to build our coop from scratch since we live on a hill and the entrance to our backyard is limited — we couldn’t move a fully assembled pre-made chicken coop into our yard. Even so, I’m always looking at coops wherever I find them. I love to see all the features and styles for inspiration. 

Here's a look at some basic pre-made chicken coops through a veteran chicken keeper’s eyes.

Top Ten Facts About Roosters

Some folks can't have a rooster in their flock, but if you can, these top 10 facts about roosters may just have you considering adding these beauties to your backyard flock.

5 Tips for Successfully Planting Herbs in Pots

Planting herbs in pots has benefits for everyone from the space-starved gardener to the gardener with poor soil and everyone in between. Herbs in pots can fill gaps in the garden, allow special care of plants that require a little effort and provide a temporary home for herbs like rosemary and scented geraniums that will need to be moved inside during Northern winters.

A Top Ten List of the Best Chickens for Eggs

Most folks keep a flock of chickens for their eggs and having the best chicken breeds for eggs makes all the difference. In this regard, not all breeds are created equal. So if your motive is to get eggs, check out this top ten list of productive breeds. You'll soon find these breeds will be the backbone of your backyard flock.

Homemade Bath Salts and Scrubs

I love making bath salts and scrubs! They are decadent, yet easy to make. These two recipes are so great you’ll probably find yourself making them for holidays and special occasions since they're perfect for gift giving.

All the ingredients can be found at your local grocery, craft store or online. There's almost no excuse not to make them for your next bath. Just grab the ingredients from your pantry and you're ready for a relaxing soak in the tub. You can also make bath salts ahead of time and store them in your bathroom closet so they’re always handy. They’re great for your skin and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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