How to Make a Burlap Wreath

If you're wondering how to make a burlap wreath, you're in luck. It's easy and it's popular. With farmhouse decorating being in fashion, burlap is homey and a reminder of simpler times. It can be dressed up or stand-alone, so it can fit any need.

Can I Keep Different Chicken Breeds Together?

Chicken keepers often wonder, can I keep different breeds of chickens together? Yes. Keeping different chicken breeds together is common. There are so many breeds to pick that most chicken keepers can't decide on just one type and end up with a variety of breeds in their flock. A flock of different chicken breeds is definitely a possibility, it just takes a little homework to make sure everyone is well-suited to live together. 

Why Are My Chickens Laying Soft Eggs?

Throughout the year, it's not uncommon to ask "why are my chickens laying soft eggs?" This question, however, is most likely to happen in the heat of summer. Even as a seasoned chicken keeper, I have to remind myself this summertime problem is ok and things will return to normal once the weather breaks. Learn why this happens, how to help prevent soft eggs and when to worry...

How to Use Rosemary in Your Home and Chicken Coop

Rosemary uses are as varied as its varieties from the kitchen, throughout the house and even to the chicken coop. A native of the Mediterranean, Portugal and northwestern Spain, the name rosemary means "sea-dew" since its blossoms have a dew-like appearance. Known for remembrance, rosemary is certainly a hard-to-forget herb!

How Do You Know How Old a Chicken Is?

Hatching eggs and buying day-old chicks are two popular ways to build a backyard flock. In those cases, you know how old your chickens are. But sometimes opportunities to add full-grown birds present themselves — swap meets, poultry shows, trading with friends, to name a few. Other than the previous owner's word, how do you know how old a chicken is? For some, age isn't important. For others, it matters.

Best Backyard Chickens for Urban Areas

Keeping backyard chickens isn't just for those who own lots of land. People everywhere are reaching back to their rural roots and raising backyard chickens to reduce their reliance on grocery store stocks and to know where their food comes from and how it is raised. If you live in an urban area, and your local laws allow it, backyard chickens may be a good option for you. If you choose to raise chickens, be sure to pick the best breeds for an urban area. This will help ensure a successful experience for you and your birds.

Pollinators 101 - Fascinating Facts About Butterflies, Moths & Bees

You’ve planted the plants that attract and feed pollinators. Your garden is full of plants like butterfly bushes, Echinacea, parsley, and fennel. You’re sure the pollinators love your gardens. You’ve seen them hanging around. But what do you know about them? Who’s really visiting your gardens?

Pollinators are important and their populations are declining across our country. Without pollinators, we don’t eat. It’s estimated that one in three bites of our food is linked to the work of animal pollinators. It’s also estimated that 75% of all plant species depend on animal pollinators to move pollen from plant to plant.

Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

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