How to Protect Chickens From Owls

Owls aren't the biggest threat to chickens, but they can sometimes pose a threat so it's good to know how to keep your flock safe. Learn how to keep owls away from chickens and how to appreciate the benefits owls have on the farm.

Brahma Chicken - Breed Spotlight

One of the largest chicken breeds, the Brahma is often referred to as the "King of All Poultry" and along with the Cochin, Brahmas helped to fuel the British and American obsession with poultry "Hen Fever" of the 1850s.

Brahmas are beautiful chickens with feathered feet and legs and a gentle personality that fits the needs of a family flock.
A young Light Brahma hen.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

If you're wondering how to make a burlap wreath, you're in luck. It's easy and it's popular. With farmhouse decorating being in fashion, burlap is homey and a reminder of simpler times. It can be dressed up or stand-alone, so it can fit any need.

How Do You Know How Old a Chicken Is?

Hatching eggs and buying day-old chicks are two popular ways to build a backyard flock. In those cases, you know how old your chickens are. But sometimes opportunities to add full-grown birds present themselves — swap meets, poultry shows, trading with friends, to name a few. Other than the previous owner's word, how do you know how old a chicken is? For some, age isn't important. For others, it matters.

How to Use Rosemary in Your Home and Chicken Coop

Rosemary uses are as varied as its varieties from the kitchen, throughout the house and even to the chicken coop. A native of the Mediterranean, Portugal and northwestern Spain, the name rosemary means "sea-dew" since its blossoms have a dew-like appearance. Known for remembrance, rosemary is certainly a hard-to-forget herb!

Do Chickens Eat Ticks and Spiders?

Have you ever wondered if chickens eat ticks and spiders? The short answer is yes. In fact, before we got chickens, I did a lot of research on this subject because we had a problem with black widow spiders.

An Overview of What to Feed Chickens

Whether you're a new or a veteran backyard chicken keeper, it’s natural to wonder just what to feed chickens. When you get your first chickens, you grab a bag of starter feed, but what happens next? And exactly what starter feed should you grab?

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