Breed Profile - New Hampshire Red

We've got one New Hampshire, Big Red, and she's the best. This is actually our second time having New Hampshires in our flock and we've never been disappointed with this breed.

Big Red on a stroll through the yard.

Originally developed in the state of New Hampshire, these are beautiful chestnut red birds that grow quickly and lay large brown eggs. If you've ever raised Rhode Island Reds, you'll notice that New Hamphires look similar. That's because this breed originated with Rhode Island Reds.
Big Red and our Buff Orpington (behind) are two of our most friendly chickens.
Big Red is a favorite in our flock. If I'm in the yard, she's always near me. And at night, she's protective of the rest of the flock. She usually waits until everyone is safely inside the coop before turning in herself. Big Red loves to curl up in my lap and get petted. She's friendly and a frequent egg layer. Who could ask for more!
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