Chicken Breeds

As people start or add to their flocks, the subject of chicken breeds can become intense.

I can tell you that when I started chicken keeping, I was obsessed with looking at all the chicken breed information available. I made lists of what I wanted, then I tried to organize them by egg-laying prowess, cold hardiness, etc. Then I tried to cross-match those lists with hatcheries that had all the breeds I wanted. It really became time-consuming and exhausting with no clear answer.

With my first flock, I ended up at my local farm store with my kids picking out cute chicks that had interesting markings — two of each type. Luckily my farm store manager had ordered in some great breed choices so I couldn't go wrong.

Below are spotlights to help you get familiar with popular breed choices. There are general breed articles, like how to add blue and green egg layers to your flock. And there are individual breed spotlights with breed characteristics and helpful background included.


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