Breed Profile - Ameraucana

Also known as "Easter Eggers"; the Ameraucana is one of my favorite breeds of chicken. We have three; Hedwig, Little Muff and Big Muff. Our three are prolific layers and are easy going and friendly. Their "piece de resistance" is that they lay colored eggs. Ours all lay green eggs, although this varies from chicken to chicken; they can be blue, green or even pink. The eggs look the same inside and taste the same as brown or white eggs. Only the shell color is different.

Hedwig was our "extra" chicken last spring.
We identified her once she started laying eggs.
This breed was developed in the 1970's from the South American Araucana chickens along with American blood lines. Since their lineage is mixed and varies from breeder to breeder, this is a breed that is normally not shown. Instead, they are prized for their eggs and can be eaten for their meat. If you prefer, Ameraucanas are available as bantams too.

Big Muff has the telltale Ameraucana muffs.
Overall, this is a hardy breed that can add a fun twist to chicken keeping. Each bird looks different and each bird lays a different color egg. I think I'll always have some in my flock.  

Little Muff loves to scratch through leaves for a hidden treat.
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