Wind, Rain and a Missing Chicken

The most heart-warming thing happened to me last night. Actually, it started yesterday afternoon. It was a rainy day that was predicted to turn into  snow by evening. I had the chickens out roaming the yard, but was keeping an eye on them to make sure the weather didn't get too bad. Wouldn't you know it, right before I had to leave to pick the kids up from school, the wind and rain really started in force. I could see most of the chickens huddled under the slide on our backyard play gym. (I don't know why the were huddled there. There are many more sheltered places they could have chosen.) Anyway, I went outside in my knee-high boots to herd the chickens into their coop/run, desperately trying not to get dirty since I had no time to change before I left. I was successful getting them in, but in the wind and rain I was sure I missed someone.

As soon as I got home again, I went out to count the chickens. It was proving a difficult task since some of them were happily scratching and pecking in their run and others were inside. They kept wandering in and out so my count was never the same twice. Then, just as I was about to give up, I turned around. And at my feet was one of my brown leghorns. She was the one I had missed. She had taken shelter under the coop and decided since "mom" was home, she wanted to be put in with the flock. She was a little wet and she "bent down" as my chickens do when they want to be picked up. She turned her head up to me with her big comb flopping to one side, and I was touched.

I know we're not supposed to transfer human feelings to our animals. But, still, there's no doubt she knew I was her human and I'd take care of her. And, I was happy to do so!

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