Cochin Calls for the Lost Dog

My Cochin, Hoppy, is by far the loudest hen in our flock. She talks constantly. And she has different vocalizations for her different moods. You can always tell if Hoppy is mad at you or if she's just trying to hold a conversation.

Everyone in the family knows this about Hoppy and we always joke about it. But, I have to say, Hoppy's vocalizations over the weekend provided comic relief to a stressful situation.

You see, our dog Sophie, accidentally got out of our yard and was running loose in the country. She also had no collar since my husband had taken it off that morning so her jingling tags didn't wake everyone up. (He didn't put the collar back on after everyone got out of bed!)

So, my husband was standing in the backyard yelling for Sophie and I was running around in the woods doing the same thing. This is where Hoppy comes in...I had to stop and laugh because there was my husband yelling Sophie's name and right at his feet was Hoppy. Every time my husband would yell "Sophie", then Hoppy would take her turn yelling. I have to say, it was the cutest thing! Hoppy was so earnest about it and her vocalizations almost mimicked my husband's.

Needless to say, Sophie was soon found and Hoppy was able to go back to scratching and pecking. Thank goodness!
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