Sussex Chicken Breed Spotlight

The Sussex chicken originated in the Counties of Kent, Sussex and Surrey in England more than 100 years ago with possible ties back to Phoenecian traders and the Romans. Sussex chickens are a dual-purpose bird favored for both meat and eggs. Today, Sussex chickens in America are a recovering heritage breed popular in backyard flocks for steady egg production, excellent meat, and a friendly and curious nature.

Sussex chickens came to America around 1912 with the Speckled and Red Sussex being admitted to the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection in 1914. The Light Sussex was admitted later in 1929. The Speckled variety is interesting because no two are exactly alike as the white spangles on the edge of their feathers increase in quantity with each molt. It's like having a new bird in your yard each year!

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Class: English
Origin: England
Comb Type: Single
Popular Colors: Speckled, Red, Light
Standard Size: 7 Pounds (Hen) 9 Pounds (Rooster)
Egg Color: Light Brown
Egg Size: Large
Production: 4 to 5 Eggs Per Week
Hardiness: Cold Hardy
Disposition: Active, Friendly, Curious

Along with the Sussex, other popular backyard chicken breeds include the Leghorn, New Hampshire and Brahma.

Do you keep Sussex chickens in your backyard flock? They are a favorite of mine. What do you like about this breed?

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