Homemade Bath Salts and Scrubs

I love making bath salts and scrubs! They are decadent, yet easy to make. These two recipes are so great you’ll probably find yourself making them for holidays and special occasions since they're perfect for gift giving.

All the ingredients can be found at your local grocery, craft store or online. There's almost no excuse not to make them for your next bath. Just grab the ingredients from your pantry and you're ready for a relaxing soak in the tub. You can also make bath salts ahead of time and store them in your bathroom closet so they’re always handy. They’re great for your skin and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Basic Bath Salt Recipe

2 cups Epsom salt
½ cup baking soda

Optional Additions 

¼ cup Dead Sea Salts — Adds lots of minerals and increases the healing power of bath salts.
½ cup Nonfat Dry Milk — This is wonderful for adding a moisturizing element. The milk cleans and softens skin.
Essential Oil — Add to your fragrance preference. My Christmas salts include 10 drops each of clove bud, lavender, and bergamot.
Food Coloring — Add enough to achieve the color you’d like.
¼ to ½ cup Regular Oats (not instant) — Run through a blender to make them very fine. Oats cleanse the skin and lock in moisture.
1 Tablespoon Fine Granulated Sugar
¼  cup Citric Acid — This gives your salts fizz and is great to use in salts made for kids.

Quick Tip: Don’t get too wrapped up in exact measurements with your bath salts. If you like more baking soda or dried milk, by all means, add them. Being able to personalize your salts is the fun part!

Add the dried ingredients into a big bowl and stir them together. Then add the essential oils and food coloring and stir everything together again. The essential oils and coloring will distribute through the mixture. After the salts are thoroughly mixed, they can be packaged. Cellophane bags and tied with pretty ribbons work well. Homemade tags add a special touch.

To use, pour ¼ cup (or more) into a hot bath and enjoy!

Homemade Body Scrub

Homemade body scrub is super easy because there’s no measuring involved; just a few simple ingredients and lots of fun. You can make this recipe with salt or sugar according to your personal preference. 

Basic Recipe

Epsom salts, Sea Salts or plain sugar
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice (either directly from the lemon or from the bottle)
Essential oils for scent 

Put your salt/sugar in a bowl, mix with olive oil and lemon juice until it’s the right consistency, then add a few drops of essential oil until the smell is to your liking

Once all the ingredients are mixed, just put the scrub in a pretty jar and then use it to have super-smooth skin year round.

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