How to Make Glitter and Floral Print Easter Eggs

These fun Easter egg decorating techniques give a nod to my girls, who love anything sparkly, and to my garden for the life it brings after a long winter’s sleep. Learning how to glitter your eggs and make floral print Easter eggs is easy, fun and colorful!

For both of these Easter egg decorating techniques, I used farm fresh chicken eggs in a variety of colors; brown, white and green. If you’ve never tried different colored eggs from breeds like Easter Egger chickens or New Hampshire chickens, it’s something I highly recommend. It’s really cool to see how the different colored eggs take the dyes. Of course, my white eggs are all supplied by my Leghorn chickens. I also hard boiled and let my eggs cool before I got to the decorating. Blowing out your eggs ahead of decorating can be done too. It’s really personal preference. 

To make my dye bath, I used warm water, a tablespoon of white vinegar and 10 to 20 drops of food coloring. I have used both liquid food coloring and gel coloring. I prefer the liquid because it mixes with the water easily. The gel food coloring needs to sit in the water for about five minutes before it dissolves. I guess I'm impatient that way! 

Glitter Eggs

This is such a fun egg decorating technique because anything goes! All you need is some craft glue and glitter. 

For most of the designs, I dye my eggs first, let them dry completely and then get creative. For a polka dot effect, I brush circles of craft glue on the egg and then dust the wet glue with glitter. For half and half eggs, I brush craft glue over the bottom of the dyed egg and then dust that area with glitter.

For a stunning glitter effect, (a favorite for my kids) you don’t even have to dye your hard-boiled eggs. You can brush the entire egg with craft glue and then completely cover it in glitter. Now, that’s some sparkle!

Floral Print Eggs

I have seen eggs like this for years and always wanted to try it. I was a little intimidated because they look so beautiful and complicated. But, in fact, they’re easy.

This technique uses hard boiled eggs that are completely cool and leaves from your favorite plants. For these pictures, I used cilantro and dill from my herb garden. You can use any plant you have handy, but I’ve found the bigger leaves work better and are more dramatic. While the dill I used made a cool print, I found the smaller leaves tend to bunch together and are harder to use.

To make the leaf impression, carefully position your chosen foliage on your egg. Cut the legs of some old pantyhose in about three to four-inch lengths and then cover the egg and leaf with pantyhose to hold the leaf in place during the dyeing process. Gather the cut ends of your pantyhose together and secure each tightly with a rubber band. 

Then, put your egg into a dye bath until the color you’d like is achieved.

Once you take the egg out of the dye, carefully remove the pantyhose and the leaf. Then place the egg on a rack to dry. The darker the dye color, the more stunning the effect.

So,  get cracking and have fun adding some new techniques to your Easter egg fun!

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