A Snapping Turtle Visitor

I guess you never know when a snapping turtle is going to stop by for a visit. The flock was certainly curious. I was excited to see this magnificent snapping turtle, but a little fearful. Snapping turtles are great, but better left alone.

We have ponds around us, but not on our property. I assume this turtle was just on his/her way to another pond, but the chickens had never seen a snapping turtle (and probably never will again!).

Snapping turtles aren't traditional chicken predators, but they can do a lot of damage as curious chickens get near. Luckily, the flock was in its fenced run and couldn't get near the snapping turtle.

I didn't want to take chances though, so after lots of encouragement, the snapping turtle decided to double-back and leave the chickens alone.

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