The Common Morel

To say it has been pretty rainy around here is an understatement. We're currently poised to surpass the record for the rainiest month ever recorded in our area. I think this wet weather has contributed to our really cool find - a nice patch of Common Morels (Morchella esculenta).

Morels are associated with ash, sycamore and tulip trees. Those are the primary deciduous trees in our woods. And, a study in Missouri correlated the fruiting of yellow morels with warm weather, precipitation and tree species. It turns out, our woods, this spring, have provided the perfect environment for morels!

Common Morels are prized by gourmet cooks, especially for French cuisine. Minnesota has adopted the morel as its state mushroom. And, throughout America, morels are hunted for cooking and the fun of it.

I'm sure our morels are not false morels because their stems are hollow inside. False morels contain a cotton-ball looking substance inside their stem.

For now, I'm not sure whether we'll eat our morels or just admire them. But, we will hope for sunny weather.

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