Backyard Chicken Eggs - Better All Around

It's been so long since I ate a store-bought egg that I guess I started to take the superb quality of a fresh backyard chicken egg for granted. That was, until last week. Our chickens came out of their winter doldrums in time to become broody and molt. So, we were a little short and everyone wanted eggs for breakfast. So, my husband picked up a dozen at the store. YUCK!

As we all sat down for breakfast, we were disgusted. Our scrambled eggs were a pale yellow color with little to no flavor. We could hardly eat them.

Amongst chicken folks, there's always a lot of talk about how reasonably you can keep backyard chickens. Once you've got a coop and run for them, chickens are pretty economical and they pay for themselves when you sell the eggs. Economics aside, the superior quality of farm fresh eggs is priceless.

I'm happy to report that our chickens have started to slowly catch up and we're back to eating our creamy, rich, dark yellow, almost orange eggs. I told my husband that for the rest of our lives, we'll probably always keep a few backyard chickens for their eggs. There's just no way I can go back to store-bought.

The egg on top is store-bought; it's pale yellow and much smaller than the farm fresh egg on the bottom.
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