Tales from the Flowerpot Wrens

We've got a wren nest in the fuschia plant that hangs in a dogwood tree just off our deck; inexplicably a baby wren got out of the nest today (they're not ready to fledge). I found her on the ground next to our cat, Beth. Normally I wouldn't interfere with baby birds, but this one was just going to be cat food if I didn't do something. It didn't look hurt, but was definitely not happy. So, I scooped up the baby, climbed up on the deck railing and placed it back in the nest with its four other siblings. I then quarantined our outside cats in the garage just to give the wrens some space. I watched the mom and dad wren come and go from the nest and worried they would just kick out the wayward baby. But, I'm happy to report that after an hour I took another peek at the nest and found all five babies arranged safely inside!

During all this morning activity, I snapped this picture of my Coneflower. This one is just getting ready to open and I couldn't resist with the spider perched on a petal.

Echinacea with a spider on the petal.
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