Bantam Chickens

When I first started raising chickens, I had no idea there were such things as bantams. Since then, I've learned a lot, but those bantams never cease to amaze me.

If you're not familiar with the chicken world, you may ask, what are bantam chickens? They are simply miniature chickens; about one-fourth to one-fifth the size of a standard chicken. Murray McMurray Hatchery calls them the "flower garden of the poultry world." I like that analogy and have to agree. Because of their small size, many urban chicken keepers are turning to banties. So, many that their popularity is rapidly increasing. FYI - Bantam eggs are significantly smaller than normal eggs so you often have to have 2 to 3 to equal the normal size.

No one's exactly sure where bantams originated; most believe the orient. But is important to remember that some bantams are "true" meaning there is no full-size counterpart. Others are simply smaller versions of their larger counterparts.

Here are some bantams, both true and others not, from the 4-H Community Fair I attended. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Old English Blue pair

Bantam Barred Rocks

Old English Black Cockerel

Bearded bantam cockerel

Black Rosecomb pair
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