Wildlife Wednesdays: Chickens Provide Food for Mouse

It's February 1st and amazingly it's 60 degrees outside. So, after walking a couple miles with the dog this morning, I took some time to pet Cleo, one of our three outdoor cats. I perched myself on the platform for our backyard slide and she curled up on my lap. It was then that I realized that our backyard cats have not been doing their job. And our chickens have been more than generous with their food. Expertly tucked under the lip of our slide was a stash of the scratch grains that I throw out for the chickens. I'm sure some enterprising mouse realized our outside cats weren't much of a worry and decided that's where his winter stash of food should be located.
So, I say kudos to that little mouse. And, to my backyard cats, "Get to Work!"
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