Chicken Statues & The Great Chicken Fry Off!

We recently took a day trip and happened upon the rural town of Brookville, Indiana and its chicken trail. It’s something you can’t miss. As you come into town there is a big painted statue of a rooster with a wrap-around its base proclaiming a Guinness World Records award for the world’s largest serving of fried chicken by the Canoefest Fryer’s Club – 1645 pounds! Apparently, they cooked up this culinary masterpiece in 2010 and served it in an Osagian canoe. Yes, it’s gitchy but cool.

It turns out that each year this town of approximately 2,500 people puts on Indiana’s largest canoe race; Canoefest. As part of this event, fried chicken is served in abundance; in fact, there’s a competitive event that’s hailed as “The Great Chicken Fry Off.”

Originally, painted chicken statues were displayed throughout the town as an event advertisement. But, they were never taken down and have become a part of Brookville’s everyday culture. They even dress up the statues at Christmas.

My family enjoyed strolling the main street and seeing statues of chickens proudly displayed everywhere. They’re in front of local businesses and the town library. There’s even a 28-foot tall painted rooster sign in front of the Liberty Bell Restaurant.

So, if you’re ever near this town that boasts a beautiful lake and State parks that are nationally known as a tourist spot, stop in and take a look at all the chicken statues. It’s just something you don’t see every day.

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