2014 - A Year In Pictures

A look back at 2014 in pictures; a year filled with tons of chicken fun, the loss of Hoppy our Partridge Cochin, the rise of Hank the rooster to flock leader and much more!

Here's to a wonderful 2015!

How To Make Christmas Ornaments From Eggs

With all the beautifully colored eggs we have from our backyard flocks, why not take a few and turn them into Christmas ornaments. I made these ornaments for a post at Backyard Poultry Magazine. They require little crafting skill and are a great way to salvage eggs you're using for holiday baking.

To start, instead of cracking eggs into your holiday baking bowls, blow them out. Then rinse the interior of your eggs and let them dry. The blown out eggs will be the base for your project.
Take a few empty eggs and gently crack them into pieces. I find it easiest to remove the inner membrane while I'm doing this, otherwise you have to pick it off each piece.

Grab some craft glue and randomly glue the broken pieces onto your base egg. Just make sure to leave the holes open where you blew out the egg. (If the holes are too large or unsightly, you can fix them by strategically gluing a few pieces around the hole.) I like to mix egg colors so they are contrasting.

Three possible color combinations

Brown egg base - glue white and green pieces,
Green egg base - glue brown and white pieces;
White egg base - glue brown and green pieces.

Once everything's glued and dry, you can string some raffia through the blown out holes tying the top so it forms a hanger and the bottom so some decorative strands are left hanging.

Then, hang your one-of-a-kind ornaments on your tree and enjoy! 

How To Make Christmas Burlap Ornaments

I recently wrote about making Christmas ornaments out of burlap and twine for Laura's Lean Beef and thought it would be fun to share.....

I had some extra burlap left over from making my burlap wreath last fall and I gathered some inspiration from a shopping trip in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. So, I made my own burlap and twine ornaments that lend a rustic look to my Christmas tree.

These ornaments don’t require much craftiness, but they do require a little patience since they don’t look great until the end.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Round glass ornaments,
Craft Glue,
Twine &

First, you’ll need to cover your ornament with burlap. Since the ornament is round, this can be a little tough, so I cut mine into a few pieces and glued them to the ornament. I didn't want the edges to be raised and look horrible. So, I spread some glue along all the cut edges to give a more uniform look. 

Once the burlap is dry, then it’s time to wrap the ornament in twine. This doesn’t require any skill and can take on any look you’d like. I wrapped mine randomly to give it a rustic appearance. You don’t have to completely glue the twine to the ornament, but I found it’s best to glue it as much as possible. This prevents those pieces from slipping when the ornament is handled. 

Once all that is dry; and frankly, waiting for things to dry is the hardest part! Then you need to mix some craft glue with a little water; just enough to make it runny, and spread that mixture all over the ornament. Sprinkle quickly with glitter before the glue starts to harden.

After that dries, you’re left with a sparkly and rustic ornament that can be enjoyed for years to come. Oh, and don’t be afraid to use any colors of burlap, twine and glitter that you’d like. That’s what makes it unique!

Seasonal Saturday: Lebanon Horse Drawn Carriage Parade

'Tis the season for weekend holiday events and this is one of my favorites. The Lebanon Horse Drawn Carriage Parade! Held the first Saturday in December, it's almost always cold and sometimes snowy or rainy, but it's worth it. The old time carriages, led by teams of beautiful horses, are a sight to behold. It puts me in the Christmas spirit and is just plain fun. Here's to next year's parade on December 5, 2015!

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