Big Red; A Free Range Chicken

Raising free range backyard chickens can be frustrating as they tend to wander everywhere, but Big Red, our friendly New Hampshire hen, provided some humor as she was spotted out my basement window digging through the herb garden for any goodies she could find. She especially likes to sit by my husband's office window, it's not far from this spot, and see if he'll give her some treats. Something tells me that's where she's headed next!

Pam's Backyard Chickens Mentioned In Modern Farmer

A special thanks to author, Jason Price, for the mention in your piece for Modern Farmer, Raising Backyard Chickens For Dummies. It's funny how much research you end up putting into raising a flock of backyard chickens. I often find myself referring to chicken facts in normal, everyday conversation. That's when you know you're hooked!

Good luck with your human and chicken flock. It's all worth it when you get those yummy eggs and see those great smiles!

Fridays With Backyard Chickens At The Bird Feeder

Brown Leghorns are the best flyers in my flock and they take advantage of that! They love to hang out on my deck happily eating the black oil sunflower seed set out for the wild birds. You'll notice from the pictures, this Leghorn knew she was caught and quickly flew to the ground. So that's where all my bird seed has been going!

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