Geese And Gulls By The Frozen Ohio River

I couldn't resist a few pictures from my recent visit to our frozen Ohio River. These geese and gulls are permanent residents who decided to haul out on the shore. Of course, friendly locals were feeding them. So the birds were pretty happy with their circumstances.

Ice And Barges On The Ohio River

I was driving back to my house this morning after running some errands and found this barge making its way up the Ohio River. With temps overnight at -8 degrees, the river has frozen over in large parts. Releasing water from the dams and continual barge traffic is keeping the river open. But, you can see it's slow going as these barges have to break through ice. Although my view was cold, the beauty of nature and winter was quite a treat!

Bird Feeder Fun - Visitors During the Snow

The weather has been awful here this week, so no pictures of my chickens to share today. They've been staying warm and dry as we've had tons of snow and temperatures in the double-digit negatives. But, along with the nasty weather comes beauty as my feeders have been full of colorful jewels. So enjoy these charming characters!

A blue jay awaits a turn at the feeder. 

This blue jay's a little curious.

A red-bellied woodpecker in the surrounding trees.

This eastern towhee is getting a treat!

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