DIY Spooky Halloween Bottles

Yes, Halloween's about costumes and candy, but you've got to dress up more than yourself. Raid your recycling bin and make these adorable, spooky bottles to dress up your house. They're easy to make and they'll last forever. 

I originally got this idea when my mom gave me an article from her Woman’s Day magazine about wine bottle spirits. It was such a cute idea that I jumped at the chance to make this craft. I think these spooky Halloween bottles make unique decorations and provide the perfect excuse to enjoy an adult beverage; not a bonus you get with many crafts. You can actually make them with any bottles you've got on hand. The round pumpkin pictured in the instructions is an old pickle jar. But beware; if you want to make lots of these, you’ll probably have to ask friends and family for their extra bottles.

Simply take a clear wine bottle and use a black paint pen to draw a ghostly face to your satisfaction.

For this, I used a clear wine bottle and spray painted it black. You can also do this with unopened bottles of red wine if you’re having a party. Just remove the labels and then follow these instructions to make the webbing.

For the webbing, use a white paint pen. Make a dot wherever you’d like the center of the web. Then draw straight lines outward from the dot. Connect the web lines, starting at the center, with shorter lines that curve toward the center dot. Space the lines further apart as you move away from the center.

You can use an empty green tinted wine bottle or any other bottle for that matter. Wrap the bottle with painter’s tape. Draw your best jack-o-lantern face on the tape; then cut along the edges of your drawing with a razor blade. This will allow you to remove the excess tape while leaving the design still attached to the bottle. Spray the bottle with orange paint leaving the green top of the bottle unpainted. Once everything is dry, remove the taped design and you’ll be left with a jack-o-lantern that will last from year to year. 

There's no right or wrong with these bottles. And you can make lots of other designs too. How about bat wings or full silhouettes of ghosts. Anything goes! So grab some bottles and get to creating!

Happy Halloween!


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