DIY Cinnamon Stick Candles

The fall and winter holidays are a time for warmth and home. Few smells define these holidays more than cinnamon. These DIY cinnamon stick candles will make your home smell beautiful and cover the range of holidays from Thanksgiving through Christmas and beyond.

Not many supplies are needed to make the rustic cinnamon stick candles. Many may already be found in your cupboards.


Cinnamon Sticks
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
Decorative Ribbon

It's best to use unscented pillar candles for this project so you can dress them up and let the scent from the cinnamon sticks stand out. The candles pictured are not surrounded in glass, but you can easily do this project with the glass surrounding your candle. If you have a votive-type candle, you can keep switching out the candle as it burns down. 

Once you've chosen your candle or two, it's time to put everything together.

First, measure your cinnamon sticks against the candle you'll be using. If your candle and sticks match in height, you're set. If the heights don't match, you can cut the cinnamon sticks to your desired size.

Second, warm up your hot glue gun and attach the cinnamon sticks to the candle. You may need to hold the cinnamon stick in place while the glue cools and dries. Be sure to let all the sticks cool completely before you handle the candle.

Pro Tip: It can be hard to get the hot glue to stick properly to a waxy candle. If you’re having a real problem getting the hot glue to set, add a dab or two of craft glue to each stick.

You can add a nice ribbon or some rustic twine to finish the look and to lend stability to the adhered cinnamon sticks.

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Remember to be safe when you're burning candles and follow all fire safety rules. Enjoy the simple beauty and fragrance of these DIY cinnamon stick candles as they burn through the holidays. 

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