DIY Magnetic Valentine's Picture Frames

Here's a fun DIY Valentine's magnetic picture frame that's inexpensive, easy and a thoughtful gift for the chicken lover (or any loved one) in your life.

  • Small wooden fancy picture frames (Can be found at local craft stores.) 
  • Craft paint (colors of your choice) 
  • Paintbrushes 
  • Magnetic strips 
  • Small wooden decorative clothespins 

First, you’ll need to paint the wooden picture frame with a base color. I had three frames, so I chose pink, red and white for the solid background colors. If your frames are die-cut, you'll want to paint the inside of the scrolling, otherwise, the paint drips and it looks messy.

Once that’s dry, you can paint any type of accent you’d like. I chose polka dots since they’re easy and require virtually no painting skills.

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PRO TIP: You can make perfect polka dots with the round handle tip of your paintbrush, not the brush end. Just dip the end in paint and then dab it carefully onto the frame. You can adjust the size of your polka dots by adjusting the amount of paint you dab.

From there; cut a piece of the decorative paper to match the opening of your picture frame and then glue it with the right side facing out. Glue a magnetic strip to the back with the magnetic side facing out. Once the paper and magnet are dry, you can glue a small wooden clothespin to the front.

Add a small picture of something meaningful, chickens in this case, and clip it with the clothespin. You can even add a few pictures so they can be changed out over the year.

PLANNING TIP: The frames in this post are for Valentine's Day, but they can easily be customized for other holidays or special occasions. While you've got your supplies at the ready, why not make up a few more to have on hand as gifts!

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