Meet the Flock - Hoppy the Partridge Cochin

Hoppy scratching in the backyard.
I thought you'd like to meet the beautiful and entertaining members of our flock. So my next few posts will be devoted to each variety we have, complete with descriptions and pictures.

Hoppy is our beautiful Partridge Cochin. We got a Cochin because one of my husband's favorite childhood memories was of his pet Cochin, Brumus, who used to ride around on his shoulder.

Hoppy got her name because as a young chicken something happened to her foot/leg. We never could see any obvious problems, but her leg was definitely sore. Hoppy recovered, but has always had a funny hopping gait which is most noticeable when she runs.
Cochins are huge fluff balls with feathered legs and feet and a "bun" of feathers at the base of their tails. They originally came from China in the 1800's and are best known for their show qualities. They can be broody (which means they want to sit on their eggs and hatch them) and usually lay a couple eggs per week.

Hoppy is always friendly and curious, and has the distinction of being the loudest member of our flock. She vocalizes a lot and has a distinctive voice that we all recognize instantly.
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