Meet the Flock - Our White Leghorns

We've got two wonderful White Leghorns who have proven to be great egg layers and quite the novelty with my daughters and their friends. I know lots of people say Leghorns are flighty and tend to be nervous, but ours are friendly and curious. In fact they are downright docile. Thus, leading to their novelty...I can hold a Leghorn upside down in my hand and then act like it's a hand weight as I lift the Leghorn up and down. It's really a funny trick; the kids love it and the Leghorns don't seem to mind.

Seriously though, Leghorns as a family, originated in the Mediterranean as an egg-laying species. They have a big, floppy comb that gives them a comical look, but it can get frostbite in the winter, so I always cover my Leghorn's combs with petroleum jelly.

Since our Leghorns are white, they stand out while they're grazing so they have been victims of hawks. One was outright killed and the other escaped with only a few feathers lost.

Regardless, our Leghorns are always happy and entertaining.

Check out that floppy comb...

Our leghorns hard at work.
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