Just a Little Peck...

The Culprits

Patches the cat.

The New Hampshire chick.

The Story

Our house cats are really tame, especially our three-year-old brothers, Bob and Patches. They are rescue cats and have been with us since they were about six weeks old. They don't have a huge interest in hunting and aren't especially curious about the chicks being in our basement. The only time they show any interest is when we open the coop door and hang out with the chicks. At that time, it's common to have Bob or Patches peek around us and sniff.

Yesterday, my oldest daughter was saying her morning goodbyes to the chicks before she left for school. She was sitting "criss-cross-applesauce" in front of the open coop door. One of the New Hampshires was hanging out at the door getting some attention. Patches came over to check out the situation. As he moved slowly forward, the New Hampshire went totally still. Patches started stretching his head closer and closer to get a better look. All of a sudden, the New Hampshire reached down and pecked Patches on the nose. Patches jumped backward and the New Hampshire flew back in the coop. I think they were both quite startled.

It was really one of the funniest things I've seen. It certainly gave my daugher a great story to share at school!
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