Chicken Personalities

As most of you know, this is our second time raising day-old chicks. Many of the day-in and day-out duties with these chicks are the same as the last time. But we have noticed one big difference; at five- weeks-old our new chicks are much more attached to us than our first flock was at this stage.

Whenever we visit them in their brooder, they rush the door and are eager to get to us. They try to preen us by running our hair through their beeks. They sit all over us. In fact, they even like to fly up on our heads and shoulders.

Now, I'm not saying our current flock is unfriendly. In fact, they're quite the opposite. But their attachment to us came later. These chicks are insistent on being with us. It's almost like they view us as their parents.

So, here's a theory my husband and I have discussed many times while chickens climb all over us and groom our hair.

Our first flock came from our local feed supply store. They were in big brooder tubs and someone else had already shown them their food and water. Customers had already looked at them and, maybe, handled them.

These chicks were ordered from our local hatchery and picked up when they were just a day old. I took each chick out of the box and showed each one her food and water. We were the first ones to handle them and really to see them. They were also younger since they didn't have to be shipped anywhere first.

So, our theory is that these chicks bonded to us faster since we are the only "parents" they've ever known.

Maybe next time we'll have to try it both ways and see?


  1. You wouldn't think birds would have individual personalities, but our new chicks do also.--One is brave, one is afraid of its shadow and one can't stand to be alone. I can already tell who will be the head of the roost and who is going to get pecked on.. (Cute photos!)

  2. Are you afraid that when they are on you that they'll go to the bathroom? I know it sounds silly, but that's one of my "I wish I knew if they will questions!"

  3. Poop is definitely one of the hazards of playing with the chicks. In fact, the one in the picture did poop on my head once. That required a long shower and washing my hair three times. But, most of the time, it's really not a problem.


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