Becoming One Flock

Since integrating my older and young chickens, things have gone well. There haven't been any major squabbles and no pecking problems. What has worried me though, is that the two flocks really haven't integrated. The young chickens have been deferential to the older girls, and in that way the peace has been kept.

Last night, however, I noticed that things have started to change. The two leaders of the young chickens, Big Red the New Hampshire and Rowena the Black Austrolorp, decided they did not want to roost on the higher young chicken roost. Instead, they wanted to roost on the top older girl bar where Mela, the flock leader roosts every night.

Mela, the flock leader, is upset with Big Red and Rowena perched on her favorite roost.
So, they got into the coop early and claimed two prime spots on the upper bar. Mela came into the coop at her leisure and then got upset when she noticed the two younger girls on her bar. With lots of loud voalizations, she finally hopped up to her favorite perch and continued to voice her displeasure. This caused the leghorns on each side of her to have to readjust, to the point where one fell off. Through all this, Big Red and Rowena stayed put. Eventually they were rewarded with everyone settling down and an opportunity to roost on the prime perch.

Everyone's on the perch and getting settled for the night.
 Who knows where this new status will lead them?


  1. I see where the phrase "pecking order" comes from!! Very interesting, Pam!

  2. Thanks, Eileen. It's interesting to watch them start to establish one flock together. Their personalities are really starting to come into play.


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