Nankin Chickens

Tucked among the many breeds represented at the 4-H Community Fair, I found a beautiful old variety that's considered critically endangered - a Nankin hen. I had read about Nankins, but never seen one myself. What a find!

A Nankin hen resting at the 4-H Community Fair.
The Nankin is an ancient breed that is thought to be one of the oldest known bantam chickens. The Nankin began to decline in numbers in the 1800's when people became interested in fancier breeds. It played an important role in the development of numerous bantam breeds such as the Sebright. Nankins are broody chickens and are often used in this role; especially on game farms. They are calm birds with a good personality. They often stay together in a tight knit group for protection from bigger chickens, if you have them, and from predators. They are not cold hardy so they've got to have an insulated coop through the winter.

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