Move Over Cleo...Here Comes Buff

Yesterday I was petting our cat, Cleo. She was in her favorite spot; the top of the slide on the backyard play set. Our buff orpington, affectionately named Buff, was at my feet cooing to me and pecking at my shoes. More than any of our other chickens, Buff is like a big dog who lays bonus eggs. She loves to sit in your lap to get petted or be held like a baby.

I guess Buff was in desperate need for attention. So rather than wait her turn, she did something I've never seen her do before. She jumped up onto the stairs and peeked over the top of the platform at Cleo. It was almost like she was asking Cleo for permission to come on up. When Cleo didn't object, Buff hopped the rest of the way up and then settled in to get petted too.

From now on, I think Cleo will have to share her petting time with Buff!
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