Wildlife Wednesdays: A Lucky Present

Almost two years ago, my daughter and I found a beautiful white and gray tom cat hanging out in our yard. He was friendly and accepted our gift of food, but I was hoping he wouldn't make our house his new home. After all, we already had two great outdoor cats. Lucky, as he's called, had other plans and quickly settled into life at our house. I, of course, fell in love with him and am so glad he joined us.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I was on our deck enjoying lunch and 73 degree weather in March. My two outdoor girl cats were basking next to me, with Lucky nowhere in sight. Then, he came bounding onto the deck with a snake hanging out of his mouth. He walked right over to me and dropped it. I immediately noticed the snake wasn't hurt and put a bucket over it so I could get something to hold it.

It turns out that my kitty present, was a beautiful common garter snake that had emerged from winter looking for some food. I kept the snake until my kids came home. They loved touching it and holding it. Then we let it go in my garden under generous leaf cover and lots of foliage.

I think this snake and my cat should share a name; Lucky!
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