How To Make Christmas Ornaments From Eggs

With all the beautifully colored eggs we have from our backyard flocks, why not take a few and turn them into Christmas ornaments. They require little crafting skill and are a great way to salvage eggs you're using for holiday baking.



To start, instead of cracking eggs in half to pour into your holiday baking bowls, blow some out. The blown out eggs will be the base egg for your project, so blow out as many as you'd like to make into ornaments. Keep these base eggs whole. Rinse the interior of your blown out eggs and let them dry.

Crack a few more eggshells into different sized pieces. Wash and rinse these pieces. Let the pieces dry and remove the inner membrane. 


Grab some craft glue and randomly glue the broken pieces onto your base egg. Just make sure to leave the holes open where you blew out the egg. If the holes are too large or unsightly, you can fix them by strategically gluing a few pieces around the hole.

Get creative with your egg colors and show off the beautiful eggs your flock produces. I like to mix egg colors so they are contrasting.

Three Possible Color Combinations

Brown Egg Base — Glue White and Green Pieces
Green Egg Base — Glue Brown and White Pieces
White Egg Base — Glue Brown and Green Pieces


Once everything's glued and dry, you can string some raffia or ribbon through the blown out holes tying the top so it forms a hanger and the bottom so some decorative strands are left hanging.

Then, hang your one-of-a-kind ornaments on your tree and enjoy! 

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